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It’s Not Over Yet…


The year is nearing its end with every passing day…

It has been a tough year for us all, that is for sure. But we push forward and we push hard. If there is one thing gaming has taught us, it’s to keep trying and retrying until you have succeeded.

MGR Gaming has gone through rapid changes and upgrades throughout the year. On the surface it may look like all went accordingly and that everything is on track. It sure does look and feel that way, however, unfortunately with the pandemic we were thrown behind schedule and we still are. There were quite a few additional features and releases we did aim for release this year.

Fortunately, we are still at it and will be throughout the festive season. All is not gloom and doom, however. MGR Gaming has transformed and turned into a proper Gaming and Tech writer.

I am fortunate to work with some awesome people that have really stepped up and push hard to get the job done. If you know me, you know that that’s always a tall order, yet they never backed down and still worked to get the job done. I commend and thank them for the hard work.

We added several new categories to our resume this year, such as the local business category; a unique but vital addition to help spread some awareness on the incredible local talent and entrepreneurs we have among us.

The website has gone through a serious facelift, with our developer hard at work to make sure the site represents what we stand for whilst maintaining a unique and appealing look. Something that is not so simple these days.

Our Discord server went through its own transformation; however, some massive setbacks were caused due to the near server wipe, which has caused the loss of all created and posted content.

Then the ban of pretty much every regular member. All I can offer here is my sincerest apologies and an invite to join us again. The server has gone through quite a change. Everything has been updated and tweaked to offer every gamer a unique experience.

I’d like to thank all our readers, followers, and other amazing gamers for the support throughout the year. It’s YOU that drives this machine, and we thank you for sticking by our sides…

To end this year off we will be hosting a few giveaways, be sure to keep an eye out on our socials for more details.

Enjoy the holiday season, and never forget!
It’s not over yet…

Game on Gamers…