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Lego Fortnite Has Launched With More Players Than Every Other Fortnite Battle Royale Mode Combined


Lego Fortnite is already the most popular game in Epic’s multiverse, with 2.3 million concurrent players

Lego Fortnite has arrived, and it appears that everyone wants to know what it’s all about. The new survival crafting game is already the most popular thing in Fortnite, with 2.3 million concurrent players as of this writing. 

Fortnite’s battle royale modes are divided into subtypes for the standard mode, the Zero Build mode, and ranked versions of each. Player counts for all modes are available in-game and on third-party trackers like, and the four core battle royale modes have a combined concurrent player count of 1,662,173 as of this writing. 

Meanwhile, Lego Fortnite currently has 2,622,543 concurrent players. To put that in context, only one game in Steam history has had more than 2.3 million concurrent users, and that was when PUBG first took the world by storm in 2018. Fortnite itself only recently surpassed three million players. 

Of course, Fortnite has had a massive number of months. Season OG broke the overall concurrent player record with 6.1 million, and an utterly absurd 11.6 million logged in all at once to see the Big Bang event kick off Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 this past weekend, or, at the very least, to wait in line while the event was down. Two more new games are set to launch within Fortnite this week, Rocket Racing from Psyonix and Fortnite Festival from Harmonix, so I guess we’ll soon see how big Epic’s multiverse can get.