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Marvel’s Avengers Beta, Hawkeye DLC, And News Of A Fortnite Crossover


Get an in-depth look at the latest news from the Marvel’s Avengers War Table digital stream.

Crystal Dynamics held there second War Table stream for Marvel Avengers on the 29th of July, revealing some interesting news in the world of gaming. Firstly, the Marvel’s Avengers beta will have numerous single-player missions.

In one of the missions, you can play as Hero Kamala Khan which teams up with Hulk. You will infiltrate an AIM base, in the American Pacific Northwest, which is the last known location of JARVIS. You will also travel to a War Zone in Russia to uncover SHIELD secrets in an underground bunker.

There is also an additional mission that can be played solo, with your AI Avengers team or even in co-op with up to four players.

Marvel's Avengers Beta, Hawkeye DLC, And News Of A Fortnite Crossover

It was revealed that the first post-launch hero would be Hawkeye as a free download. He will feature his own story-arc, and you can wield his bow and trick arrows in missions either solo or in online co-op.

It was also announced that PS4 and Xbox One players who link their Square Enix Members and Epic games accounts and then completes the beta’s three HARM room challenges will earn themselves the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe with “bonus Hulkbuster style”.

The start date of the Avengers beta will change depending on if you have pre-ordered the game and also on your chosen platform.

The first to get access will be PS4 players who have preordered, and this will happen on the 7th of August until the 9th of August. Those who haven’t preordered but are still playing on PS4 will start the open beta on the 14th of August.

Marvel's Avengers Beta, Hawkeye DLC, And News Of A Fortnite Crossover

If you have preordered on Xbox One and PC you will gain exclusive access to your platform’s beta on the 14th of August. This set of betas will run until the 16th of August.

There will be an open beta held across all platforms from the 21st of August until the 23rd of August.

Marvel’s Avengers will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on the 4th of September so you won’t have to wait too long for the actual game. If you own the game on a current-gen console you will get it for free on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

The beta will include five playable modes, these modes are A-DAY, Singleplayer Hero Missions, Harm Rooms, War Zones and, Drop Zones.

The heroes that you will be able to play in the multiplayer modes are Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Black Widow, and Iron Man.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play as all six of Marvel’s Avenger’s main characters outside of A-Day in the beta though.

If you are keen on Iron man’s Hulkbuster armour this can be unlocked and used if you play the beta enough.

Well, there you have it all the titbits that we can muster for Marvel’s Avengers. Stay tuned to find out more as we do.