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More On What Can Be Expected For The Xbox July 2020 Event


July is set to be a gem for Xbox with the showcasing of first-party games, one of which is the much-awaited Halo Infinite.

But what can we expect to unfold at this event, other than the mild annoyance at having to wait a bit longer for things to happen? Let’s dig in and see what’s the forecast.

Halo Infinite

The front-runner (for lack of a better term) of the releases will have its debut with actual game-play footage, which is rumoured to be something to really look forward to. After Halo 5’s not-so-great reception, this will hopefully recapture the attention of long-standing fans, as well as new ones.


This title was thought to have gone dormant until recently when a twitter user noticed a placeholder account, @Fable, registered in March 2020 for PerfectDarkGames. It is alleged that the account has been dormant for years, and that this “new” one is fan-made, but sources have leaked that PerfectDarkGames is indeed working on Fable. Whether it will be ready for release in July; we will have to wait and find out.

More On What Can Be Expected For The Xbox July 2020 Event

Microsoft’s Santa Monica studio is also said to be working on something that could be great. No one knows what game is in development, but with talent like the writer of Red Dead Redemption and the level designer for God of War, all led by Darrel Gallagher (former boss of Tomb Raider), it safe to say that we can expect something epic!

Good news as well is that the July event will not only be for first-party sneak peaks – third-party developers will also be premiering game-play footage of their new titles. It sounds as though this event will be more of a game-play showcase, rather than just “highly choreographed” trailers. This should have a more favourable reception than May’s 2020 event. After all, wouldn’t it be better to know exactly what the game will be like before setting yourself up for possible disappointment?

“You can also realistically expect to see updates from various known upcoming Xbox Game Studios titles, including Grounded, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Wasteland 3, and hopefully Age of Empires IV. It may still be too early for Forza to show off gameplay in-detail, but we may get a sizzling teaser showing what the next-gen Forza Motorsport will look like with Xbox Series X graphics.”

It’s also a waiting game to see if the proposed Xbox Series S, or “Lockhart” will be revealed at the event. It seems that this piece of hardware is still under testing and Microsoft would rather wait until they can reliably talk about pricing. What is known is that the “Lockhart” will be discless and will run at slightly lower specs than the Series X, making it foreseeably lower in price.

More On What Can Be Expected For The Xbox July 2020 Event

“Bangs and Olufsonrecently revealed they were working on audio accessories for Xbox, which could also appear at the event. They may also be working on the next-gen Xbox headset I’ve heard about previously. I think Microsoft will want to keep this event firmly focused on games, though, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

After taking feedback from its disappointing May event, Microsoft looks to be keeping expectations grounded. The Xbox Series X console has indeed set the bar high, with it being more powerful than the PS5, but everything seems to be hinging on the games. Can Xbox “nail it”? We’ll find out soon enough.