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Xbox July Event Reportedly Delayed Until Later


June was a big month with the release of some big game titles and the PS5 reveal being at the centre of all the attention. As June ends and July begins, Xbox fans eagerly focus on the up and coming Series X showcase event which will feature game-play from anticipated titles such as Halo Infinite. However, it seems as though the community will have to stretch their patience, because Microsoft has yet to actually set the date of the event and according to a tweet dropped by Windows Central editor Jez Corden, it looks as though this event will only be taking place later in the month.

Xbox July Event Reportedly Delayed Until Later

There is the speculation that the Xbox 20/20 event could take place after the 19th July, after a thread on twitter left a few hints as to when things will commence. Unfortunately, there is no solid information available that prompted Jez’s tweets, but a large factor does lie within the lack of a date announcement for the event.

We can only hope that Microsoft will at least give a bit of time to build up a hype for the event and make the extended wait well worth it.