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Next Up Hero


Free Loot, Get Your Free Loot Right Here!

You are in for it now…

Head on over to EPIC to grab your free copy of Next Up Hero.

A Little About The Game:

“Fight. Die. Win! (And probably die some more.)”

You are in for a real treat here. Next Up Hero is a Gauntlet-style dungeon crawler. Starring hand-drawn heroes, you will hack, slash and shoot your way to victory or defeat… There is tons of fun to be had here, solo or with friends.

Grab your copy HERE.

To get your copy, simply click on “Get”; Wait for the page to load, a new window will appear. Click place order and there you have it. If you do not have an EPIC account, creating one is free.

The Official Trailer For Next Up Hero.


  • Defeated the bosses? Craft your own dungeon for the community
  • Dungeon defeated? Do it on Insane!
  • You did that? Then Min-Max your favorite character.
  • Maxed all heroes? Tell us what you want next on!
  • You seriously did all that? Try it again with your favorite co-op partner