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Nintendo Has Released An 18+ Version Of The Nintendo Switch Online App For The N64


Nintendo has released an N64 app for adults-only

This week, Nintendo unveiled an 18-and-up version of its new Nintendo Switch Online app, which has a rather unusual name. The app is the result of the addition of two different Nintendo 64 classics to the Japanese game catalog: GoldenEye 007 and Jet Force Gemini. The 18+ Nintendo Switch Online N64 app will be used to play those games, and because of the rating they’ve received in Japan, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will need to download this completely different app in order to play them once they’re added.

This new version of Nintendo Switch Online works exactly like the original, with the exception that it only includes these two Nintendo 64 games. It’s also only available in Japan, so those outside of Japan will have to play these games through Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online for Adults Only:

The reason for the new 18+ Nintendo Switch Online app being required for these games is far less risqué than the app’s name suggests. Those who have played GoldenEye 0007 will recall that it is a classic James Bond game with a lot of shooting. When it was announced that it would be available on Nintendo Switch Online, it was also confirmed that the Japanese version of the game would be given the “Z” rating by CERO, which is equivalent to the ESRB rating something as “M.”

Jet Force Gemini has the Z rating in Japan because it involves a lot of shooting and is a bit more violent than the graphics suggest. Given that these are the first Nintendo 64 games with that rating in the Nintendo Switch Online app in Japan, they had to be moved to a different app.

While this is obviously only applicable to Japan for the time being because that’s the only place where these ratings and thus that 18+ app are relevant, the fact that this app exists at all could be an indication of other more mature games like these coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

New Online Nintendo Switch Games:

GoldenEye 007 has been available in the West on Nintendo Switch Online since early this year, and subscribers will soon be able to play the second game mentioned previously: Jet Force Gemini. It was created by Rare, the studio behind everything from Banjo-Kazooie to Sea of Thieves, and it will be available in December to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers who own the N64 Expansion Pack.

“Developed and published by Rare, Jet Force Gemini is an outer-spacey shooter starring three bold heroes,” An explanation of the game’s overall structure. “The story is set in an unknown region of our galaxy, where a team of adventurers called Jet Force Gemini is bravely struggling against the looming threat of a warlord named Mizar. Juno, Vela, and their loyal dog Lupus ignore the apathetic galactic authorities and set out to drive a wedge in Mizar’s operations.”