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Over R17 Million Donated By CD Projekt Red To Help Combat Covid-19


So far Coronavirus or Covid-19 has caused absolute chaos across the globe, with most of us at home doing our part to stay safe and practice “social distancing “.

Hardworking men and woman everywhere are dedicating their time to find a cure for the virus but this can only be achieved with the help of charitable donations.CD Projekt Red has decided to help out in their own way by donating 4 million PLN (just over 17 million Rand) to Poland’s largest charity foundation. Co-founder of CD Projekt Red, Marcin Iwinski shared the news in a LinkedIn update this week.

Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, Poland’s biggest NGO which helps raise funds for medical equipment and the elderly Gladly received the donation.

CD Projekt Red added: “We would also like to thank the entire medical service and everyone involved in the fight against the virus. Risking your own health, you fight for ours every day – your hard work is our inspiration. We also have an appeal to everyone who reads this message: take seriously what is happening around us. Listen to the recommendations of those who know about public health. Stay at home and don’t let the virus spread further!”

We keep seeing these acts of kindness from businesses in the gaming industry and with all the cooperation happening right now we firmly believe it is just a matter of time till this virus is beaten.