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Will BioWare Be Making A New Dragon Age Or Mass Effect


A new job posting for BioWare hints at either a Mass Effect or Dragon Age sequel in progress.

BioWare has posted a new job listing seeking a technical art director to join its studio up in Edmonton, Canada, and in this listing BioWare mentions the applicant will work on BioWare’s “most prestigious franchises”, which hopefully means they are working on Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

Even though their latest game Anthem didn’t receive good reviews, we are sure there are many fans chomping at the bit to get their hands on Dragon Age or Mass Effect as these have proved to be incredibly successful franchises.

If these said Rumors are true; it can be either one or both… You will hear no complaints from our side. I personally just hope, they will keep to the original RPG play style that these two Legendary franchises have. It is not much but it will make or break these games!