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Palworld Developer Teases Exciting Updates As Game Surpasses 250,000 Glowing Steam Reviews

Palworld's Enduring Success Over 100,000 Concurrent Players Two Months After Launch

The developer behind Palworld has hinted at “very cool things” on the horizon for the popular survival game, as it celebrates surpassing 250,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam

In a recent tweet on March 4, Pocketpair’s community manager, Bucky, expressed gratitude for the ongoing success of Palworld. With over a quarter of a million reviews on Steam, the game continues to captivate players six weeks after its launch, maintaining a positive reception from fans. Bucky also teased eagerly awaited updates, promising that “some very cool things” are on their way “very soon.”

Since its early access release in January, Palworld has garnered attention for its unique blend of gameplay reminiscent of Pokémon. PocketPair’s CEO, Takuro Mizobe, previously revealed that the early access version of Palworld is around 60% complete, with ongoing efforts to enhance the game’s content and features. While specific details about upcoming updates remain undisclosed, the initial Palworld roadmap hints at exciting additions such as endgame raids, PvP, improved AI for Pal creatures, additional islands, and more.

Palworld gameplay

This recent tease follows previous acknowledgments from the community manager regarding discussions surrounding Palworld’s player count. In a supportive message to players considering taking a break, Bucky reassured them of the team’s appreciation and extended an invitation for their return, signaling an ongoing commitment to the game’s development and community engagement.