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PETA Sets Out Vegan Guidelines For Animal Crossing


PETA or “People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals” has expressed their recent disdain for the online game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They said in a recent post:

“It’s disappointing that a game in which villagers from all different species (from elephants and ducks to deer and pigs) coexist harmoniously with humans encourages abusive behavior toward fish and insects. Instead of being recognized as the living, breathing, feeling individuals they are, they’re presented as forms of entertainment for the other villagers. Your island should be a safe space for all animals, big and small”.

They go on to say that we shouldn’t fish as it’s not vegan and even though these are not real animals and the fish in the game don’t feel pain, fishing is harmful to animals and the planet.

Apparently catching bugs on your island shouldn’t be done either, they mention this too saying that there are butterflies and wharf roaches on your island making it a bustling home for insects and we should keep it that way.

They go on to mention leaving the Hermit Crabs alone and not digging for Clams either.

This is going a bit far in my opinion but wait there is more Peta is also against Blathers building a museum on your island saying that we shouldn’t let him do it!

The building of doghouses is out too as its cruel to do so, saying that dogs are individuals who belong in homes not on chains.

It seems PETA has really covered all their bases with this post even mentioning how you should cut Tom Nook some slack because he is a raccoon dog who are often killed for their fur and are regularly beaten, anally electrocuted, gassed, or skinned alive”. A bit morbid I confess as it is a game and meant to be fun and a way to pass the time as we are all stuck in our respective homes for the foreseeable future.                    

They did however mention a helpful guideline of which fruits and foods should be eaten on your island. Fruits such as Cherries, Coconuts, Oranges, Pears, Peaches and Apples and suggest visiting friends’ islands and mystery islands for more healthy Vegan snacks.

These “guidelines” all have good intentions backing them up even if they are a little excessive in our opinion. My advice if you are Vegan and it feels wrong don’t do it. Otherwise, it’s your game and you should enjoy it your way.