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PlayStation Days Of Play Is Back


Sony PlayStation is bringing back their Days Of Play event, which will include a free online multiplayer weekend as well as other incredible deals.

This offer will run for some weeks and PlayStation promises that “this year’s Days of Play will feature various activities across a few weeks to celebrate the power of play and the vibrancy of our community by connecting gamers together.”

Special rewards, purchases, and free online multiplayer events will be among the many exciting features of the event.

PlayStation Days Of Play Is Back

For instance, The PlayStation Player Celebration which is a special event that encourages players to work together to accomplish a common goal while also earning exclusive PlayStation avatars and PS4 themes. 

Registration for this event opens today and will stay open until the 31st of May. Stage 1 will kick off next week on the 18th of May. For the steps to participate in this exciting event click here.

On the 18th Players will win points for one of three objectives, the first of which is Games. Every hour spent playing a PS4 or PS5 game during a week counts against the goal; double points are available if you play games with your mates.

The Trophies goal, on the other hand, requires players to win a certain number of Trophies per week, with each player being limited to six PS4/PS5 trophies per week that will count towards the goal. The third goal is the Bonus Goal. If the Games and Trophies objectives are met, a new set of additional objectives will be revealed and detailed.

As far as rewards go, players can receive exclusive PlayStation avatars and PS4 dynamic themes, which will be delivered directly to the inbox on their consoles. PS4 owners are the only ones that can receive the dynamic themes as PS5 does not have Dynamic themes.

This event also includes a sale dubbed the “Days Of Play Celebration Sale”. This sale applies to PS4 and PS5 games as well as other products and a lot more. As with many game sales, the prices will vary per region. Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t given us much more to go on regarding the sale but stay tuned to MGR Gaming for updates.

During this event, there will also be a Free Online Multiplayer weekend as part of the Days of Play series, where users will be able to play games online without the need for PlayStation Plus on both PS4 and PS5.

Sony was also hush about which weekend this would fall on exactly but they will surely release more information about all the upcoming events soon.

Lastly, there will be a Share Of The Week event as well. In this event, they will choose user-created content based on a certain theme. The first of which will be announced on the 14th of May and the contest will start soon after.

For more information on this exciting and popular PlayStation event you can visit the official PlayStation site.