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Fusion Fightpad Inspired By The Sega Saturn Controller


The newest controller from PowerA is the Fusion Wired Fightpad.

This nifty little controller has options for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, but they will all work on your PC.

The key features of this beautiful controller are as follows:

PowerA's Fusion Fightpad Is Inspired By The Sega Saturn Controller
  • Firstly, the six-button, arcade-style layout with ALPS action for precise control.
  • Two swappable magnetic faceplates to swap out according to your mood and style.
  • The Ergonomic design was inspired by the unmistakable Sega Saturn Gamepad, which is preferred by fighting game enthusiasts everywhere.
  • They have weight balanced the controller for optimal comfort and a solid feel in your hands.
  • Toggle switches for Directional Pad and shoulder buttons enable the controller to be customizable.
  • The floating Directional Pad design is of the highest quality and delivers an extremely responsive and smooth motion while fighting your opponent.
  • This product has an official license with a two-year limited warranty.

To stick with the times, they have added right and left triggers as well.

One, on the back, turns your LT and RT buttons into left and right stick buttons while the front slider transforms your D-pad into a left or right stick.

PowerA's Fusion Fightpad Is Inspired By The Sega Saturn Controller

The version made for the Switch also has a right bumper that doubles as a C-Stick.

The only downfall of this controller is the wire which means you will need to sit less than ten feet from the TV, but if you are a nostalgic gamer this shouldn’t be an issue. What is nice though is that the cable is braided, therefore making it stronger and it will invariably last longer.

So, in conclusion, if you are an avid fighting-gamer than this nostalgic gaming controller is for you, It looks like the Sega Saturn but has new features too.