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Razer Releases Pikachu Themed Earbuds


Razer is selling wireless earbuds that charge inside a Pokéball!

These earbuds are being unleashed for the Chinese market as a surprise for Easter.

These cute little earbuds are Hammerhead True wireless headphones, that come in a Pokéball charging case. The actual earbuds are yellow with a little silhouette of Pikachu in black.

Apparently, the Pokéball charger comes with sound effects like Pikachu saying “Pika Pikachu” when you turn it on and it will warn you when your battery gets low by saying “PikaPika! PikaPika!

The earbuds are apparently waterproof which makes sense as Pikachu is super effective against water-type Pokémon. The price is set as the equivalent of a whopping R 2 243,47.

They can be viewed on the Razer website.

Razer allegedly created these earbuds after creating a Pikachu-themed mouse and keyboard last year. Will this set off a whole range of Pikachu themed products? We sincerely hope so.

These little earbuds are set to be released in China today the 16th April 2020, our hope is that it will be possible to purchase these in our country in the very near future.