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Roguelike Feeling Cult Of The Lamb Gets A Massive New Update


Roguelike feeling Cult of the Lamb gets a massive new update. Sins of the Flesh, which will be available for free early next year

The update will add new features, stories, and other content to the critically acclaimed indie. Cult of the Lamb will receive a significant free content update early next year.

Cult of the Lamb was an instant hit when it debuted in August 2022, and for good reason. It offers the ideal combination of management and roguelike elements as you build a cult dedicated to the mysterious deity who saved your life. There are hours of entertainment to be had as you gather resources, build your following, and take on rival cults, and there will soon be even more of this zany indie to enjoy.

Massive Monster, the game’s developer, has announced a new “free major content update” for Cult of the Lamb on Twitter. Sins of the Flesh will be released “very early next year” and will include new features, stories, and more. “We have been working extremely hard on this update, and there is soooo much more content coming to the game!” Massive Monster expresses himself.

The developer has shared some new artwork for the update but has not yet provided any specific details on what it entails. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out more, as another tweet advises fans to “keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks for more spoilers from Sins of the Flesh.” Furthermore, the studio has revealed that it has been dropping hints for the update for the past year, so scrolling through its social media posts could give you an idea of what it’s all about before an official reveal.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet played Cult of the Lamb, you can do so now and save a lot of money because it’s currently 40% off in the Steam Autumn Sale