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Ruiner On Sale


Why pay full price when we can get it cheaper!

Head on over to Steam to buy your copy before the sale ends.

A Little About The Game:

“A wired psychopath lashes out against a corrupt system to uncover the truth and retrieve his kidnapped brother under the guidance of a secretive hacker friend. Combine preternatural reflexes, augmented tools, and the arsenal of fallen foes to tear down and dismantle the corporate titans of virtuality dealers at HEAVEN.”

Regular Price: R219.00
Sale Price: R54.75

Platform: PC
Activation: Steam

Buy your copy HERE.

Offer ends the 12/10/2020.

Game Store Page Here

The Official Trailer For Ruiner:


  • Equip all manner of high-tech firearms and melee weapons to ruin all that oppose you.
  • Employ state of the art gadgets like energy shield, dash augmentations, and the switch gun stun or hack the opposition onto your side of the fight.
  • Explore and battle to the intense beats of Sidewalks & Skeletons, Zamilska, Antigone & Francois X, DJ Alina and famed anime composer Susumu Hirasawa (Paprika, Millennium Actress).
  • Blast through crowds or slow down time and hand select your points of attack before unleashing a storm of violence on the battlefield.