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Satisfactory To Achieve Full Release In 2024 After Five Years In Early Access

Satisfactory To Achieve Full Release In 2024 After Five Years In Early Access

After a long-awaited Early Access period Satisfactory is set to get a full release this year

Coffee Stain Studios’ popular factory simulation game, Satisfactory, is set to exit early access with its 1.0 release in 2024 after five years of active development. The game, known for its expansive building mechanics, has garnered a large fanbase on Steam during its early access period.

Satisfactory, the beloved factory simulation game from Coffee Stain Studios, will finally reach its 1.0 release in 2024 after an extensive five-year period in early access. Launched in 2019, the game quickly became a favorite in the building genre, amassing a considerable playerbase on Steam.

The recent Satisfactory update video humorously outlined fictional upcoming patches, emphasizing the developers’ singular focus on the 1.0 release. Although a firm release date is yet to be announced, the development team is targeting a 2024 launch window for the game’s exit from early access.

In 2021, the Satisfactory team divided its efforts into two tracks: one focused on delivering additional content during early access, and the other dedicated to preparing features for the 1.0 release. The latest update indicates that both tracks have now merged, with the entire team actively working towards the comprehensive 1.0 release. As a result, no additional content is planned for early access beyond minor patches, consolidating all efforts for the imminent 1.0 launch.

A factory available to build in Satisfactory.

While specific details about the 1.0 release were not extensively discussed, the developers promised players ample content, including new end-game activities and an overarching narrative. Additionally, efforts are underway to address lingering bugs that have affected the game during its early access phase. The team is also working towards implementing dedicated servers.

Coffee Stain clarified that the release of 1.0 does not mark the end of Satisfactory’s development. The future post-launch content strategy is yet to be decided, and the developers aim to provide players with a more comprehensive look at what lies ahead for Satisfactory after the game achieves its 1.0 release. Satisfactory is currently available on PC.