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Seven Years After Release, Stardew Valley Creator Continues To Devote Attention Due To It Being His ‘Life’s Work’


Eric Barone of ConcernedApe says they “care a lot” about the popular farming sim

The man behind Stardew Valley, who described the farming simulation as his “life’s work,” said that players are what spur him on to continue making improvements.

The 1.6 update for Stardew Valley is scheduled to launch at some point shortly, and over the weekend, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone announced on Twitter that he was in “extreme crunch mode” for it. After informing fans about the new storage options in the next update, a fan questioned the developer about what inspires him to keep working on Stardew Valley, given that it was released seven years ago.

ConcernedApe responded by saying: “Many things, including that so many people are still playing it, and many new people every day. I want it to be the best it can be, it will never be perfect but I feel an urge to keep improving it. Up to this point, it’s been my life’s work and I care a lot about it”

Three of the characters from StardewValley

ConcernedApe is unquestionably committed to the cause. Over thirty updates have been released for the relaxed life sim Stardew Valley since its 2016 launch. These updates range from minor bug fixes to significant content updates and everything in between. The upcoming Stardew Valley 1.6 update will bring more modding support, hat-wearing pets, wild horseradish juice, and “secrets” to the game.

The biggest mystery of all is the exact time that ConcernedApe intends to unleash all of this new content on our farms; the developer has stated that the Stardew Valley 1.6 update will launch “when it’s ready.”