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Sons Of The Forest Emerges From Early Access, Set For Full Release Later This Month


Survival Horror Sequel from Endnight Games Launches with New Features and Storyline

After a year-long journey in Early Access, Sons of the Forest is poised to make its official debut as it leaves early access on Steam and launches in its 1.0 version on February 22. Developer Endnight Games has unveiled a new trailer, offering a glimpse into the game’s expanded features and storyline.

The latest trailer showcases exciting gameplay elements, including the ability to call for help with an SOS signal, engage in paragliding adventures, and confront menacing infected creatures. Set on a remote island, Sons of the Forest tasks players with unraveling the mystery of a missing billionaire, only to discover the perilous presence of cannibals. As with its predecessor, survival hinges on resourcefulness, crafting, and strategic building to navigate the treacherous environment.

Originally introduced into early access on February 23, 2023, Sons of the Forest serves as the sequel to 2014’s acclaimed title, The Forest. While currently exclusive to PC, Endnight Games has not ruled out the possibility of expanding its availability to other platforms. Notably, The Forest made its way to PS4 in 2018, hinting at potential future releases beyond PC.

Sons of the forest

Endnight Games previously confirmed the release date for the full version of Sons of the Forest in November 2023. Adding to the anticipation, actor Shawn Ashmore lends his voice to the character Timmy, who assumes a prominent role in Sons of the Forest, building upon his introduction in the final cutscene of The Forest.