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Sony Has Stopped Updating The Subscriber Numbers For PS Plus


What could the reasoning behind this be…

Sony has failed to provide an update on the total number of PS Plus subscribers for the past two quarters. Of course, the platform owner is not required to reveal this statistic, but it has always provided an interesting point of reference as the figure fluctuates throughout the year.

The service has generally reached a saturation point of around 50 million members, though it has been able to extract more money from existing users with the introduction of its Extra and Premium tiers.

Interestingly, the organization has stopped sharing updates as it implements a massive price increase, which will undoubtedly reduce the number of paying members in the future.

Subscriptions have hit a bit of a snag recently, with even Microsoft’s heavily publicized Xbox Game Pass service failing to see significant growth in the United States. When considering the industry’s future, that appears unlikely right now.

The Japanese conglomerate’s latest financial report mentions PS Plus subscribers, but only for the previous fiscal year, with the previous two quarters completely absent.

While we doubt PS Plus is failing, the platform holder has a history of concealing information when its numbers aren’t up to par, as seen during the PS Vita era, when it combined the handheld’s sales numbers with PS4 to help shield them.

The manufacturer stated in August that it will no longer share the figures, but it will be interesting to see if this ever changes. The company did not provide a reason for its decision, instead implying that it is primarily concerned with improving the service.

In all likelihood, it is hoping to avoid unfavorable comparisons with competitors, as well as the negative headlines that come with fluctuations in the total number of paying members.