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Sony is Suspending Accounts On The PlayStation Network


This appears to be for no apparent reason

PlayStation Network users all over the world have reported that their accounts have been permanently suspended for no apparent reason.

Several users have taken to Reddit and X to express their dissatisfaction with their suspensions, claiming that there is no way to appeal the decision.

Unsurprisingly, many users are upset because they may have spent a significant amount of money on digital PlayStation games that they no longer have access to.

“No one knows why! I don’t have a chargeback, I can’t appeal & no response to suspension status. CS says to create a new account & disconnected me.”

Sony informed affected users that they had been suspended for violating the PlayStation Network’s terms of service.

“This account is permanently suspended from PlayStation Network due to violations of the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement,” in its message to Dhaliwal, it stated.

Sony has yet to publicly acknowledge the problems, and there are no mentions of them on its PlayStation support page.

It is unknown how widespread the problem is. However, it appears that Sony is working to resolve the issues. Dhaliwal responded to his original post several hours later, stating that he could now access his account.