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Sony Struggles To Find Price Point For PS5


According to Bloomberg it is rare hardware components being in short supply that are causing the delay with the release date of Sony’s new PS5. The new console was meant to be announced at the beginning of February and with production starting in March/April and is now being delayed because of Sony’s difficulty to decide on a price point for the PS5.

The price is said to be pushed up to $450 roughly R 6 709,93 a console due to these rare hardware components being in short supply.

It is said that Sony is also waiting for windows to announce the price of their new Xbox before finalizing its announcement.

Sony seems to be dealing with some issues at the moment, the biggest one being DRAM and NAND flash memory which is always an issue in the tech world. Both of which are always in high demand by smart phone makers which use them to create their devices. So, the PS5’s price tag will all depend on these two items and their availability. Apparently because of this shortage Sony has had to cancel an upcoming camera they were developing as well. Hopefully we will see the release of this console before long and our price point for the PS5 won’t be too hefty.