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Supposedly, Hi-Fi RUSH Was To Be Announced Years Ago


According to its developers, Xbox should have revealed it years ago…

When Tango Gameworks announced Hi-Fi RUSH at the Xbox Developer Direct a year ago, it was met with enormous enthusiasm – and it helps that the game itself was one of the finest of 2023.

However, the original design did not call for a shadow drop on the same day as the event. Hi-Fi RUSH was intended to be introduced at E3 2020, however, that didn’t happen because the show was cancelled. Microsoft’s subsequent acquisition of Bethesda also appears to have pushed back the announcement. In an interview with GamesRadar, Hi-Fi RUSH Director John Johanas said the following:

“We were looking at times to announce it so we wouldn’t get overshadowed by something. We wanted to hype it but not get people too excited, or give too much of a chance to jump on it. And then that period just got shorter and shorter.”

Fortunately, Hi-Fi RUSH and its surprise release went down without a hitch, but Johanas acknowledged that the team was “freaking out” on the day of the Xbox Developer Direct. There was ultimately nothing to be concerned about, but he wonders what the reaction would have been if there had been multiple years of anticipation behind it.