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The Day Before’s Demise: Steam Keys Still Fetching $300 Despite Game’s Discontinuation


The Day Before is fetching hundreds of dollars on websites that cater to the gray market, a week after it was removed from Steam

Selling for Hundreds: The Day Before Emerges on the Gray Market a Bit Over a Week After Steam Removal

For those who may have missed the tumultuous events surrounding the troubled zombie extraction shooter’s launch, a brief summary suffices: The Day Before faced a disastrous debut, resulting in overwhelmingly negative reviews from players and critics alike. Merely four days post-release, developer Fntastic announced the game’s closure due to financial failure, followed by an apology and universal refund offer regardless of playtime.

Despite The Day Before’s demise, it persists in a somewhat artificial existence within the shadowy realm of the video game key aftermarket. As observed by Kotaku, the game is still available on unauthorized platforms, introducing uncertainties about the legitimacy of the keys and their functionality.”

Although it is not advised that you visit any of these websites, much less give them money for an online game whose servers are in danger of going bankrupt, aggregator websites such as offer The Day Before for as low as $233.97 (yes, really, I know that’s a steal) or as high as $304 with current prices.