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The Diablo 4 Developers Were Not Expecting You Loot Goblins To Take The Level 100 Grind So Seriously


Blizzard is astounded by your dedication to the grind, which is a double-edged blade… They seem to have lost touch with their community

The developers of Diablo 4 are surprised by how many players are dedicated to leveling up all of their characters to level 100.

Diablo 4’s production director Tiffany Wat clearly shows the biggest surprise in terms of initial expectations for the game and how gamers actually responded in an interview with PCGamesN at Blizzcon 2023. “It was interesting to see how many players have that drive to reach level 100 on all of their characters,” the Blizzard developer tells the outlet.

“For a lot of players, this was their main goal, not just hunting for the best gear, and the feedback we received was that it felt like too much of a slog to reach the pinnacle level.” Blizzard recently announced it.

Diablo 4 is filled with dark creatures.

It didn’t take long for players to reach the level 100 milestone after the game was released in June 2023. In fact, the first person to achieve such a feat did so during the RPG’s early access period. Their character, however, died only a few days later.

Links for the last paragraph. Had to grab them from another article they did. It’s about the person who hit level 100 first.