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The Elgato Stream Deck Streaming Just Got Easier


This new product is a true innovation and will change the way you stream.

The Stream deck gives you the functionality to run a smooth, professional-looking stream without having to use your keyboard at all. This way you can keep yourself in the game and still give your viewers an amazing show they won’t soon forget.

This device boasts 15 LCD keys poised to launch unlimited actions, eliminating the need to memorize or map keyboard shortcuts, which is a huge weight off.

With this Stream Deck you can switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and so much more, all this while visual feedback will confirm your every command.

The Elgato Stream Deck, Streaming Just Got Easier

Among the tools you can use on the Elgato Stream Deck are: Twitch, Twitter, TipeeeStream, OBS, YouTube, XSplit, Mixer and many more. This amazing little piece of hardware will integrate all your tools and automatically detect each scene, all the media that you wish to make use of and also all of your audio sources with just one key stroke.

All you have to do is drag and drop your actions to the various keys and customize your own icons.

You can easily create your own icons with “key creator”.

There are various different versions of the Stream Deck ranging from the Mini Deck all the way to the Stream Deck XL and you can even get the Mobile version for your mobile device, which you can purchase on the App store.

These Decks range from $150.00 or about R 2650.00 and can be bought from various online stores worldwide.