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Possible Leaked Launch Game For PS5?


While we patiently wait for the release of the PS5 (our wallets dreading the day), it seems that there is some speculation that the title to be released with the console will be Grand Turismo 7.

But wait… isn’t it a bit too soon to know this? Well, yes, seeing as Sony has not yet revealed the “chosen one”.

The speculation came about when Next Level Racing, an Australian manufacturer of simulation cockpits, asked their social media followers, via Instagram, what racing game they are anticipating for 2020. The post featured four logos of the popular racing titles Dirt 5, F1 2020, AMS2, and Grand Turismo 7.

 This was viewed as a suspicious coincidence, not only because of the new console being set for retail this year but also because nothing concrete regarding Gran Turismo 7’s release has been revealed.   

The post has recently been pulled from their page stating that it was misinterpreted by the media and that the logo was a mock-up created by their design team. They deny knowing anything about the potential launch of Grand Turismo 7 and that any assumptions that were made as a result of their post are untrue.

As far as mock-ups go, this one for Gran Turismo 7 seems pretty official and so it begs the question of are they covering up an oopsy-daisy which has possibly caused somewhat of a headache with Sony? Or was it just an ill-timed, cheeky post? 

Sony has been quite tight-lipped about what exclusives will be launched with the PS5 and so it’s only right if a discussion took place that resulted in the removal of the post.

One thing is for certain: the gamers who did catch wind of this supposed leak have been left with an annoying cliff-hanger. We’ll have to wait and see…