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The Final’s Developer Dismissed The Notion That Region Locking Would Solve The Rising Cheating Problems


“Cheaters are in all regions”

Embark Studios, the developer of Finals, has denied a frequent request from its community to implement region locking to combat cheating in the hot new FPS.

Following numerous posts on Reddit, Discord, and other platforms calling for the separation of Asian, European, and American servers in order to reduce the frequency of cheater interactions, a community manager has stated the studio’s position.

“We don’t want to region lock,” they said on Discord. “This isn’t a personal opinion, it’s a company decision.” The community manager went on to say that assuming cheaters are from a particular region is xenophobic, as “cheaters are in all regions.”

Not long after the community manager’s remarks, an Embark Studios representative provided an update on what The Finals team is doing to combat cheating in the FPS. According to community leader Dusty Gustafsson, a “technical issue” has prevented the team from effectively banning bad actors.

The Finals combat footage

“We’re now nearing a solution to this bug, and we’ve already begun re-upping our anti-cheat measures again,” he said. “Thanks for your patience as we continue to sort through issues. Keeping the game a smooth, safe, and fair space for players is our biggest priority. We’re in this for the long haul.”

While some members of the community remain dissatisfied with the situation, claiming that if nothing is done, the FPS will succumb to the fate of PUBG, others are getting creative. This Final’s wizard discovered that you can make a cheater-killing machine by mounting a turret on a plant.

“So I was playing with friends and noticed, when the hacker in the enemy team tried to attack the APS system, he had a hard time killing it,” they say. “I figured: ‘What if he can’t aim lock on turrets?’ So I took a plant (something that can’t explode in my hand) and put an APS on it. I basically was invincible to him then, as long as I would face in his direction.”

Hopefully, they will be able to resolve the cheating issues quickly. Before irreversible harm is done, it is best to act quickly. A word of caution for the unaware. Many bad actors have Eastern (Chinese) names, but not because they are from that region. It has to do with spelling. makes it extremely challenging for those who are not fluent in the language to report them. Should there be a problem in the game, capture a screenshot and report it on their website if the feature is available. In most cases of support tickets, screenshots can be uploaded. Regretfully, it takes longer, but it has previously worked in other games.