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New Microsoft Word Update To End An Ongoing Debate


It is Microsoft who has finally settled the “space” debate, siding with those who believe that one space after a period (or full stop for us South-Africans) is grammatically correct.

The software giant has added an update that will flag two spaces after a period as incorrect and offer a correction to one space.

Don’t worry though if you’re a hardcore two-spacer you can ignore the suggestion, or turn off the writing style suggestion.

In a statement to “the Verge” partner director of program management at Microsoft Kirk Gregersen said,

“As the crux of the great spacing debate, we know this is a stylistic choice that may not be the preference for all writers, which is why we continue to test with users and enable these suggestions to be easily accepted, ignored, or flat out dismissed in Editor.”

It seems Twitter is all abuzz about this new update, having people from both sides of the debate airing their opinions quite strongly, with one user even saying “what the hell is this world coming to”. As I mentioned before you can just turn off the writing style suggestion and carry on with your day. I personally welcome this update.