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The Next Update To Starfield Is The Biggest Yet


Full patch notes have yet to be revealed, Bethesda has shared some information about the game’s next update

On Wednesday, January 17, Starfield will receive a massive new update. Although Bethesda has not released the full patch notes, the developer has provided players with an overview of what to expect from the upcoming patch. According to a recent tweet on X about the game’s next patch, players can expect a slew of bug fixes and visual enhancements.

It’s worth noting that the January 17 update will only be available to PC players who have opted into Steam Beta, which allows players to test out new features before they’re officially released.

“Additionally, this update brings stability improvements and numerous graphic improvements ranging from additional widescreen support to improved textures, lighting, and shadows.”


As per Bethesda, gamers embarking on cosmic adventures using Xbox or playing on PC through Game Pass will need to wait approximately two weeks before gaining access to the update’s features, which encompass the following:

  • Several quest fixes
  • The Eye Of The Storm quest now allows players to dock with the Legacy and properly transmit data
  • Temples from the Into The Unknown quest should now be visible
  • Other mission problems that may hinder Constellation members from exploring the cosmos have been fixed
  • Improvements in stability
  • Various graphic enhancements
  • Widescreen compatibility Improved texturing
  • enhanced lighting
  • Shadows have been improved
  • Correct sun disk geometry
  • enhanced planet ring shadows
  • When returning to an outpost, bulldozed things will no longer emerge
  • Inaccessible ship hatches will no longer be marked
  • Asteroids should no longer pursue player spacecraft across the galaxy

According to Bethesda, the full patch notes will be released alongside the Steam Beta update next week. Bethesda has not given an official date for when non-Steam players will be able to get the update, but the official Bethesda Twitter account says players can expect the update to be delivered in full for all players about two weeks following the January 17 Steam Beta release.