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The Sex Update For Cult Of The Lamb Will Be Released Next Week


When it launches on January 16th, it will have a new progression system and “shiny poops,” as well as a new rhythm minigame dubbed Flock Band

Allowing for the fact that a colorful indie game with a cast of adorable animals receiving a “sex update” is a lot to take in in one sentence, let me explain what’s going on here. We’ve known for a while that Cult of the Lamb developer Massive Monster isn’t going to “include sex,” as it jokingly promised following a totally godless Twitter pledge back in November – at least not openly.

According to a press release, if your small followers have reached a “sufficiently high love match,” they can enter the new Mating Tent and emerge a few seconds later with an egg, which can either be harvested for food or hatched into a whole new follower. The baby will have characteristics from both parents, hinting that Cult of the Lamb now contains a sex minigame. In retrospect, I believe it is very explicit.

The whole aim of the Mating Tent, apart from the filthy entertainment value, is to generate Sin, a new resource at the center of Sins of the Flesh’s new growth system. Sin can be created by performing a variety of evil activities, such as serving drinks at the new Drinkhouse base structure, where followers can volunteer to serve cultists tempting goodies like Brog Brew, Grape Nectar, Eggnog, and, get ready for this, Poop Juice.

Speaking of feces, there’s a new fecal variation called Shiny Poop that you may utilize on your farm to grow profitable crops. So there’s that as well.

Rhythm Mini-Game

In addition, the update will include a new rhythm minigame in which you can gather your followers for a “devilish Drum Circle” and rock out in the name of Sin. “The better your performance, the more Sin you’ll get in return, explains Andy Kelly, Devolver Digital PR manager. “You’ve heard of Rock Band… this is Flock Band.”

Once you’ve accumulated enough Sin, you’ll be able to undertake a number of additional Rituals, including the aptly called Rite of Lust. Your followers will drop trou and tango – but not the horizontal tango – around a floral shrine if you do so. You can also undertake the new Rite of Wrath Ritual, which “unleashes a fury of violence, with fighting, killing, vandalism, and other scenes of havoc gripping your base.”

Massive Monster teases “a selection of new Sin-based Doctrines and a troubling new food source that is not for the weak of heart – or weak of stomach.” in the “biggest update yet” for Cult of the Lamb. On January 16, the update will be available for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox Series X.