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The Steam Game Festival Coming Soon


The Festival that allows developers to show off their new upcoming titles is back with over 500 playable demos.

The festival will start on the 3rd of February and will run till the 9th of February , giving us an insight into the newest and upcoming games that are being developed.

The event will include playable demos of over 500 titles as well as Developer Live Streams, and chats with these developers about their games.

The first ever Steam, Game festival took place in  December 2019 alongside The Game Awards. After the Game Developers Awards was canceled in 2020, Valve made the decision to host two more of these Steam Game Festivals last year.

To enter their game into the festival , Developers had to “Opt In” before the 2nd of December 2020 and their game had to meet some eligibility criteria namely:

  • Must be Part of a Steamworks developer account in good standing.
  • A game on Steam with a release date set between February 10, 2021 and September 1, 2021.
  • A publicly visible Coming Soon page at the time of opt-in.
  • A publicly playable demo by the time the festival begins.

According to the Steam website their will be another of these festivals in June of 2021.

The trailer for the festival teased some of the games on offer focusing heavily on Puzzle games.

Some of these titles include Almighty: Kill Your Gods from Runwild Entertainment, Fling to the Finish by Splitside Games, Black Book from Morteshka, Narita Boy from Studio Koba, The Riftbreaker from Exor Studios, and Genesis Noir from Feral Cat Den along with many others.

There you have it, folks, this looks to be a fun way to pass the time and get the scoop on new games that are being developed as we speak. To enjoy all the games on offer and play some brand-new demos head on over to Steam on the 3rd of February. The festival starts at 10 am Pacific time and you can even set a reminder if you are worried that you will miss it.