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These 20+ Games Are Coming To Xbox This Week


20+ More games are coming to Xbox this week including the creepy “Choo Choo Charles”

Xbox fans will be getting 26 exciting games this week from the 18th to the 22nd of December. They might not be AAA titles but there are some real gems in this list, including Cave Digger 2, Choo Choo Charles and Wall world among others.

Here are the new games you can expect to grace Xbox this week:

Deleted – Cyber Invasion (19th of December):

“This game is an intense, fast-paced rogue-lite twin-stick shooter that will push your skills to the limit! Take control of a powerful drone and prepare to face off against hordes of enemies standing in your way.”

Deleted-Cyber Invasion

Aery – Calm Mind 4 (20th of December):

“Aery – Calm Mind 4 is an interactive game experience that is designed to relax your mind and soul. You jump into the role of a little bird, explore beautiful landscapes and collect magical crystals that mark certain landscapes.”

Cave Digger 2 (20th of December):

“Play as a prospector who begins their adventure in a seemingly abandoned camp with the goal of extracting valuables from the caves.”

fig. (20th of December):

“You do not know anything, yet you must move forward. Wander through the corridors of a mysterious factory and recover your abilities. Fight patrolling drones and break through to demanding boss battles. Seek a way out and find the meaning of the game’s title.”

Ravva and the Phantom Library (20th of December):

“In this retro side-scrolling platformer, you can enter the world of haunted books in any order you choose and defeat each book’s master before facing the one who controls the library.”

Rough Justice: ’84 (20th of December):

“Do what it takes to make your fledgling security agency thrive in this 80s noir crime bustin’, dirty crossing, vengeance-seeking board game inspired strategy game with dice and cards.”

Stuffed (20th of December):  

“A procedurally generated, first-person shooter that takes place in the dreams of a little girl. Play as a teddy bear and defend your owner’s bedroom door and defeat a variety of nightmares in endless waves.”

The Rumble Fish + (20th of December):

“Originally developed in 2004 by Dimps, renowned for its smooth animation and deep game mechanics, The Rumble Fish + has returned with new features.”

Vostok 2061 (20th of December):

“Investigate strange colonist behavior and deal with unknown threats in the ZPDN-A sector. Hone your piloting skills, expand your arsenal, and complete your mission.”

Wall World (20th of December):

“Welcome to Wall World, a mining rogue-lite with tower defense elements. Explore procedurally generated mines and discover fantastical biomes. Find resources and technologies for purchasing valuable upgrades.”

Choo-Choo Charles (21st of December):

“Navigate an open-world island in an old train, upgrade it over time, and use it to fight an evil spider train named Charles.”

Detective – Stella Porta Case (21st of December):

“Put yourself in the shoes of a detective who investigates three strange disappearances. In all cases there is a contract signed by the disappeared, that contract is from an organization called “Stella Porta”.

My Child Lebensborn Remastered (21st of December):

“See a different side of the war, inspired by the true stories of the Lebensborn children. Discover how hatred continues to create victims, even after victory.”

Ominous Tales – The Forsaken Isle (21st of December):

“When you decided to hire a local boatman to take you to the island, you thought these were just legends – you’ll quickly be proven wrong in this blend of point-and-click adventure and hidden object game.”

Paperman: Adventure Delivered (21st of December):

“Meet Paperman and the team in an adventure to find the lost mail and defeat the greedy dragon. Explore colorful worlds and collect all golden letters in this 3D collectathon platformer!”

SokoWinter (21st of December):

“A puzzle game with slippery floors. Get to know the curious hobbies of four stylish penguins as they push around large ice cubes. Why do they like this activity so much?”


Three Minutes To Eight (21st of December):

“Three Minutes To Eight is a mind bending pixel art adventure. A gaming experience threading the edge of consciousness, where everything is possible and yet remains elusive.”

9-Ball Pocket  (22nd of December):

“9-Ball Pocket brings you eight-ball pool, also known as American billiards. You can compete with up to 4 friends or against the AI in Versus mode or challenge the best in the world in Arcade mode…”

Gray Dawn (22nd of December):

“You will be entangled in a terrifying adventure of a priest on a quest to prove his innocence. Guilty or not, you find yourself trapped in the middle of strange events involving a demonic possession and divine apparitions.”

Jack Dragon and the Stone of Peace (22nd of December):

“Jack Dragon and the Stone of Peace is a retro love letter to 80 and 90s arcade games. Avoid nasties, jump on platforms, glide around the screen, and collect gems!”

Jinshin (22nd of December):

“Jinshin is a JRPG based on an ancient-themed fantasy tale of when Kami deities lived alongside humans. Make use of tactician Mikazuchi’s orders and gain powerful formation effects to turn the tide of battle in turn-based battles full of ambiance and strategy.”

Party Friends (22nd of December):

“Join the party extravaganza with Party Friends, a riotous collection of over 20 mini-games spanning 4 wildly entertaining themes – up to 4 players in multiplayer.”

Party Friends

Pixel Strike 3D (22nd of December):

“Pixel Strike 3D is a multiplayer first-person shooter that features fast-paced gameplay and a wide variety of player customization.”

Railbreak  (22nd of December):

“Railbreak melds a classic on-rails arcade experience with the cutting edge Unreal Engine 5. In this prelude to Outbreak: Shades of Horror, you’ll get an opportunity to see the sights and sounds of Cypress Ridge and get chomped on by a zombie or four!”

Rock ‘N Racing Off Road (December 22):

“Entertaining and exciting races with loads of skids, crashes, and amazing jumps. You will have several modes of play, such as Cup mode, time trial and multiplayer with the option of up to four players at a time.”

SHMUP Mania  (22nd of December):

“Aliens have been identified by the military’s radars and are advancing towards a planet inhabited by human beings. You in the role of captain must fight using your best vehicle and save the galaxy.”

Wordsweeper by POWGI (22nd of December):

“A crossword puzzle solved using logic and deduction. This new word game draws inspiration from the classic puzzler Minesweeper and is exclusive to POWGI.”

These are the titles confirmed for release this week on Xbox, but perhaps more games will be announced shortly.