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Ubisoft+ Embarks On A Transformation Unveiling Ubisoft+ Premium And Ubisoft+ Classics


Ubisoft+ Unveils New Tiers: Exploring the Features of Ubisoft+ Premium and Ubisoft+ Classics

In a strategic move, Ubisoft+ has undergone a significant facelift, introducing Ubisoft+ Premium and Ubisoft+ Classics to redefine its subscription landscape. This development aligns with the Early Access debut of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown on Ubisoft+, signaling a noteworthy shift in the gaming giant’s subscription offerings.

In a recent internal discussion led by Philippe Tremblay, Director of Subscription at Ubisoft, key insights into the distinctions between Ubisoft+ Premium and Ubisoft+ Classics were shared. Priced at $17.99 per month, Ubisoft+ Premium ensures subscribers enjoy day-one access to new releases, early access to upcoming titles, and a comprehensive range of premium editions, DLCs, and monthly rewards accessible across Xbox, PC, and Amazon Luna.

Complementing this, Ubisoft+ Classics, available for $7.99 per month, offers a meticulously curated selection of beloved back-catalog games. Titles like Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Siege, and Watch Dogs: Legion are part of this evolving catalog, now accessible on PC through the Ubisoft Store. Additionally, it’s included for PlayStation+ Extra and PlayStation+ Premium Members.

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Reflecting on Ubisoft+’s evolution over the past four years, Tremblay highlights substantial growth, surpassing initial projections for subscriber acquisition. With millions of players collectively investing over 600 million hours in gameplay, October 2023 witnessed a peak in monthly active users since the inception of the Ubisoft+ platform.

Adding to the conversation, Tremblay shed light on the exclusive Ubisoft+ Classics offering, emphasizing the platform’s focus on enriching the back-catalog experience for subscribers. He stated, “As mentioned earlier, when we look at the results, players are really enjoying and engaging with our back catalog when they subscribe. So, we saw an opportunity to craft a service specifically around said catalog. We think it’s a strong offer at the price point, and the catalog will only grow as we keep adding games to it as time goes on, so players can discover even more of our worlds.”

These changes reflect Ubisoft+’s commitment to enhancing subscriber value. With a promising lineup of upcoming games, early access opportunities, and the anticipated addition of the Activision Blizzard catalog, Ubisoft+ aims to offer a compelling proposition for players to stay engaged with the platform. Tremblay concluded, “The goal of Ubisoft+ is for us to build value. We’ve made the commitment to bring more games to our subscribers. So, looking into the future, we have an exciting lineup that they’ll be able to play either in early access or on day one, and then we’ll eventually have the Activision Blizzard catalog, too. Alongside the perks and our rich, diverse back catalog, we believe we’re offering a compelling reason for our players to stick around.”