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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Beta Is Coming Next Week


World Of Warcraft is still set for release later this year, but for now we have a beta version to enjoy as of next week.

Blizzard has announced during a live-stream, that they are releasing a beta version of World Of Warcraft for us to try out next week.

If you are interested in being invited make sure that you have opted in.

To opt-in, you’ll need to go to your account management page on and toggle on the option to receive beta invites. To play the beta, you’ll need to download a special client from the launcher.

The game’s director Ion Hazzikostas gave us some details about what changes can be expected, especially if you took part in the closed Alpha test that was started in April already.

There are numerous changes but one of the biggest of these is Torghast. Torghast being the endgame dungeon that changes every single time you enter it, well now there won’t be any restrictions on how many times you can play it each week. This is a welcomed change as there are many similar restrictions in WoW.

Players will apparently be able to level all the way up to the level cap. This game is described as Feature-complete, there will obviously be some bugs but now players can experience almost everything that will be featured in Shadowlands.

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Beta Is Coming Next Week

The beta will also contain an early look at the endgame as an increased level cap compared to the Alpha test.

In the Alpha tests, there were apparently 64.000 bugs that were found and squashed, which is essentially the reason for these tests.

Blizzard hasn’t announced a fixed release date yet but hopefully, this will happen after the beta tests