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Xbox Developer Direct 2024 What To Expect And How To Watch


Xbox Developer Direct 2024 What to Expect and How to Watch

As Xbox gears up for its inaugural event of 2024, fans are eager to witness the Xbox Developer Direct. The console has faced scrutiny in recent years, with criticisms about a lack of major releases. However, with promising titles on the horizon, this event is anticipated to shed light on Xbox’s gaming lineup for the year.

When is the Xbox Developer Direct 2024?

The Xbox Developer Direct is scheduled for Thursday, January 18, at 12:00 p.m. PT/3:00 p.m. ET. While the duration remains uncertain, expectations are set for a comprehensive overview, potentially lasting between 1 to 2 hours. A focal point of the broadcast is anticipated to be a deep dive into the much-anticipated Indiana Jones game.

The next Indiana Jones Title artwork.

How to Watch the Xbox Developer Direct 2024:

To catch the action, tune in to Xbox’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. Additionally, various outlets and content creators may host unofficial streams for reactions. Simply head to YouTube or Twitch at 3 PM ET on Thursday for convenient access.

Xbox’s official channels:

  • Twitch. tv/Xbox
  • Twitch. tv/XboxASL
  • Twitch. tv/Bethesda

What to Expect from the Xbox Developer Direct:

Confirmed highlights include fresh looks at games such as the new Indiana Jones title from MachineGames, the rumored May release of Hellblade 2, and Avowed, Obsidian’s fantasy game revealed four years ago. However, it’s clarified that no news on Activision Blizzard projects is expected, dampening expectations for a significant Xbox Game Pass reveal. While other games may make appearances, including Double Fine’s new project, exact details remain under wraps until the event unfolds.