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Palworld Developers Reassure Players No Scam, Real Release On January 19

Palworld's Enduring Success Over 100,000 Concurrent Players Two Months After Launch

Addressing Concerns and Confirming Legitimacy

In an unusual move, the developers of Palworld have taken to their Steam page  to address concerns and ensure the gaming community that their upcoming Pokémon-like survival game is not a scam. The developers, set to launch Palworld on January 19, released a detailed Q&A addressing various questions, including skepticism around the legitimacy of the game.

The peculiar question, “Is this game a scam? Or is it a money-making MMO or virtual currency game?” prompted a direct response from the Palworld devs: “It is not a scam, and will definitely be released on January 19.” They emphasize that PalWorld follows the traditional Steam game model, where players buy the game once, and it remains in their possession forever.

Palworld character riding a mythical best.

Addressing the potential for expansions after the full release, the developers expressed their commitment to community engagement: “We may consider expansions after the full release, and that is a conversation we will all have together as a community when the time comes.”

This proactive clarification might stem from the negative reception of The Day Before on Steam late last year, where players were disappointed by the lack of promised online features in the supposed MMO. Observers in the Palworld community speculate that the developers aim to dispel any suspicions following Fntastic’s controversial launch.

While comparisons to Pokémon and its shared creature design have led to jokes about “Pokémon with guns,” clips circulating on Twitter show players engaging with the game, adding a layer of credibility. Regardless of the bizarre circumstances, Palworld is scheduled to launch on January 19, with availability on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Xbox Series X/S systems.