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ZAPA Gaming Going Above And Beyond


Just a couple more reasons to use ZAPA Gaming for your next purchase

We have told you all about ZAPA Gaming and its fearless leader D.J. Huysamen in previous articles. We are far from done yet as they have been very busy lately expanding and growing.

A lot has changed since our last article and we thought we should share some of these things with you.

One of the many ways they are trying to make life easier for us is their loyalty program.

Dubbed Z-Rewards this new loyalty program works on a point system. Here is what you should know:

  • Every time you make a purchase you will receive 10% of your purchase amount in loyalty points.
  • When you have reached 1000 loyalty points you will receive R50 to spend at

A few new things that have been added are the different payment methods that you can now choose from.

You will now have the following options when paying for your ZAPA purchase:


This one everyone should be familiar with. Also known as an Electronic Funds Transfer is simply when you transfer the full amount into ZAPA’s account. You will then receive your product when the money has reflected in their account.


ZAPA also makes use of PayFast which an instant version of the traditional E.F.T. Your funds will show immediately in their account instead of having to wait for up to two days if you happen to be with a different bank.

If you cant afford the full amount but are really aching for the product you can utilize one of their Payment Plans, they are as follows:

The ZAPA Payment Plan

This works like a Layby where you will need to pay a deposit upfront and thereafter you pay what you can afford to pay monthly and will then receive your product when the full amount is paid up.

Pay Just Now Payment Plan

This one is relatively new and works by offering you a 3-month credit. It is interest-free and you will get your product straight away. So you will pay over 3 months for your product and don’t have any other interest or hidden costs to pay.

So these are just a few ways that ZAPA Gaming and D.J.Huysamen are going above and beyond for their clients. Don’t forget all the raffles that happen frequently in their ZAPA Collectables group (SA).

They have also added Comics to their massive repertoire of products on offer even having their first ever ZAPA Gaming Comics sale which happens to end at 20:00 tonight so you still have a couple of hours to check that out.

ZAPA Gaming Going Above And Beyond

There is now a ZAPA Gaming APP too that will be launching as soon as this week, we will let you know more information on said APP as we get it.

So there you have it so many more reasons to check out ZAPA Gaming for your next gaming-related product or collectible. You won’t be disappointed as they have competitive prices, excellent customer service, and great after-sales service.