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Remnant 2: How To Get The Runed Heart

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So easy, yet so easily missed…

The Runed Heart, classified as a Relic in Remnant 2, bestows a unique set of benefits. It produces 500 Mod Power within a 5-second duration and provides an unspecified health regeneration bonus. Unfortunately, the specific details of the health regeneration bonus are not disclosed.

Here is how to get the Runed Heart relic in Remnant:

In Labyrinth World, the Runed Heart Relic can be found near the Entangled Gauntlet fast travel point.

From the Entangled Gauntlet checkpoint, players must proceed straight and beneath the staircase on the left side to find a small hidden path with the Runed Heart at the end.

You will come across Entangled Gauntlet’s fast travel point while looking for the keys (Campaign playthrough).

From there, they must keep an eye out for a flashing purple item.

They will obtain the Runed Heart Relic by approaching and interacting with the item.