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According To Reports, Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game Will Be Released This Year


This year will see the release of many anticipated titles and it seems the new Indiana Jones game will be among them

Yesterday’s Developer Direct announcement revealed that Bethesda will finally be revealing Indiana Jones soon, with a world premiere gameplay trailer set for next week. The game’s appearance at Dev Direct has left fans wondering when it will be released, and a new report sheds some light on Bethesda’s plans.

“You’re about to get an exciting look at some of the incredible games ahead with Xbox, as we present a new edition of Developer_Direct.”

According to Insider Gaming, Indiana Jones will be released in 2024, which makes sense given that all of last year’s Developer Direct titles were released in 2023. According to the site, “sources close to the game” have confirmed the launch window, but it “remains to be seen” if it can stick to the 2024 deadline.

Indie's iconic whip and camera on a desk.

Along with IG’s report, a new ResetEra message board comment also suggests a near-term release date. “If you knew when it’s coming out, not really,” developer and industry insider ‘Shinobi602’ responded to a fan who wondered whether to be surprised by Indy’s involvement. Both of these tidbits of information are currently unconfirmed, but it appears that Indiana Jones is at least aiming for 2024.

What we do know for certain is that the developer-led event in January will provide us with a wealth of new information on Indy. “more than 10 minutes of game and developer insights, including details about the game’s setting and story, how fans will actually play as Indy, additional details from his next globe-trotting adventure, and the premiere of the first gameplay trailer.” according to MachineGames. The Developer Direct Announcement can be read here.