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Alleged Drugging Incident Rocks Game Developers Conference

Alleged Drugging Incident Rocks Game Developers Conference

Controversial Drugging Incident Shakes Up Game Developers Conference

A shocking revelation has emerged from the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, as Snow Rui, president and CFO of Hooded Horse, disclosed that she was drugged during her attendance. This distressing incident has reignited concerns about attendee safety at the prestigious industry event.

According to Rui’s account shared on LinkedIn , the incident occurred on Thursday, March 21, while she was socializing with colleagues at her hotel’s lounge. Despite consuming alcohol at a moderate pace, Rui suddenly became disoriented and incapacitated shortly before the bar closed. Concerned colleagues rushed her to her room as she slipped in and out of consciousness, ultimately resulting in them seeking assistance from the San Francisco Police Department

However, Rui’s ordeal extended beyond the initial distress, as she faced skepticism and dismissal from both law enforcement and medical personnel. Despite her colleagues’ insistence on investigating the incident, authorities initially attributed her condition solely to alcohol consumption, displaying a disturbing lack of urgency and concern.

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The medical response at the hospital further compounded the distressing experience, with staff allegedly refusing to conduct thorough drug tests, dismissing Rui’s concerns about potential drugging. It wasn’t until persistent demands from Rui’s husband that the hospital reluctantly agreed to conduct tests for date-rape drugs.

The subsequent revelation of negative results for common recreational drugs, coupled with the hospital’s reluctance to investigate further, paints a troubling picture of systemic failures in responding to such incidents. Rui’s narrative sheds light on the challenges faced by victims seeking justice and assistance in similar circumstances.

This unfortunate incident underscores broader concerns about attendee safety at GDC, with previous reports of drink-spiking and instances of harassment adding to the urgency of addressing these issues. While efforts to reach GDC officials and the San Francisco Police Department for comment are underway, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for robust safeguards and support mechanisms to ensure the well-being of all attendees at industry events.