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Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Denies Sony Acquisition Rumors Amid Helldivers 2 Success 

Expanding The Arsenal New Stratagems Unleashed In Helldivers 2

Johan Pilestedt Refutes Speculation on Studio Joining PlayStation’s First-Party Roster 

Rumors circulating about Arrowhead Game Studios, the developers behind Helldivers 2, potentially being acquired by Sony have been swiftly debunked by the studio’s CEO, Johan Pilestedt. Despite the success of their recent release, Pilestedt asserts that Arrowhead remains independent.

Addressing the speculation on social media platform X, Pilestedt dismissed the notion of Arrowhead joining PlayStation as a first-party developer as “fake.” Responding to another query alleging Arrowhead’s sale to Sony, Pilestedt reiterated his stance, expressing surprise at the suggestion and stating that he had not heard anything about it.

Helldivers2 four ttiumphant soldiers stand ona  hill.

While Sony has previously published two of Arrowhead’s titles, including the immensely popular Helldivers and its sequel Helldivers 2, Pilestedt’s statements indicate that there are no plans for the studio to become a part of the PlayStation family. Despite its success, Helldivers 2 has remained exclusive to PC and PS5, prompting anticipation among fans for a potential release on Xbox.

Amidst ongoing developments in the gaming industry, including recent layoffs and project cancellations at PlayStation, Arrowhead continues to focus on expanding Helldivers 2’s content. The upcoming addition of mechs, such as the EXO-45 Patriot exosuit, is eagerly awaited by the game’s community, offering new experiences in the co-op shooter.

As players anticipate the arrival of mechs in Helldivers 2, Arrowhead Game Studios remains committed to delivering engaging experiences while maintaining its independence in the gaming landscape.