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Elden Ring Developer Has No Idea Why It’s Selling So Well


However, they will not allow sales to influence the way they create games

FromSoftware has no idea why Elden Ring was such a smash hit, but it isn’t going to change the way the company makes games.

Yasuhiro Kitao, the producer of Elden Ring, recently spoke at the PlayStation Partner Awards 2023 in Japan, where he was asked about the RPG’s enormous success. According to Kitao, the massive sales of Elden Ring caught the team at FromSoftware off guard.

Reported by Denifaminicogamer, and translated by Automaton Media.

Even though Elden Ring is already almost two years old, FromSoftware doesn’t seem to have taken the time to thoroughly examine the release. “We still haven’t been able to analyze why so many people play the game, and we have no idea why it’s selling so well,” the FromSoftware producer said during the event. “Our attitude towards development has remained unchanged.”

“Making games that we think are fun and have value has been our policy for a long time,” Kitao continues, “and we won’t start aiming for new big hits like Elden Ring. Our stance of creating games we think are fun and worthwhile will not be changing.” The producer of FromSoftware doubles down on Elden Ring’s success not influencing the developer’s thinking going forward.

By far FromSoftware’s most successful game to date is Elden Ring. Earlier this year, around the game’s one-year anniversary, FromSoftware announced that Elden Ring had shipped 20 million copies worldwide, accounting for more than half of the entire DarkSouls series’ lifetime sales in just one year. Bandai Namco, FromSoftware’s publishing partner in Europe and the United States, stated that Elden Ring’s success would propel Armored Core 6 sales to series highs.

Meanwhile, FromSoftware is still working on the Elden Ring DLC, which has remained a mystery since its announcement earlier this year. At the same event, Kitao stated that the Elden Ring DLC was still some time away from release, but that the studio was making good progress.