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MGR Gaming Presents: Who Are They, And What Do They Do


The Pandemic has devastated many livelihoods; therefore, we have decided on an initiative that will spread some hope and positivity.

Since the first news of COVID-19 things have started going downhill. We are now in a new year and things are worse than ever! This virus and the steps to combat it, have drained our economies and for some even spelt doom. There have been numerous businesses that had to reduce their staff numbers whilst others suffered doom, being forced to close down. So what do they do?

People have been scurrying around, trying to make ends meet doing whatever they can manage. There has been a rise in people working from home; taking simple concepts and ideas trying to turn them into a means of making ends meet. We have all felt the harsh reality of what this pandemic has caused. Some have it worse whilst others are still enduring its effects. It is here where our initiative comes in.

Our aim is to shed some light on these small startups; to help get word out of who they are, what they are and what they are about! This will be done by doing a full cover story on these enterprises and or individuals.

In these cover stories we will share some deeper insight into what they are offering, what led to these ideas and concepts? Do they have short term or long terms plans? What goals have their set for themselves? What is the aim of their business? What can they offer their clientele? Why should people buy from them?

There is creativity in all of us. Sometimes all it takes is a push and the right kind of inspiration. We are all capable of creating wonders… We aim to help shed some light on these individuals, to help promote and market them…

We are all together in this at the end of the day. The majority of times we game with a team of randoms, building up friendships through the net. Just like me, there is a lot of you who has their go to friends that live on the net. Players we game with, Players we share so much with, yet we’ve never met but we have a bond in gaming.

We have a tendency to think that we have it bad or that things can’t get worse, but once the dust settled a little, we realized we had hope left. This might not be the case for everyone… I personally have a saying “There are people that have it worse”, and I’m pretty sure this pandemic has caused a whole lot of that.

If we can do something to make life better for someone else, we have the responsibility to do so. It is not always that easy or simple, and in most cases, we are dealing with our own problems. However, even though our current problem may not be solvable just yet, a recommendation or positive feedback might solve someone else’s immediate problem.

So, I ask each of you, take a few seconds and see if you can not be that helping hand for someone else’s cause or struggle, It is not always easy for people to ask for help or support, but that does not mean we should lack compassion. If we can lend a hand we should, at the end of the day, every little bit helps, whether you referred a friend, made a purchase or shared what they have to offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Edit: If you have a small business relating to the gaming, tech or “geek” industry, feel free to contact us with a brief summary of what you’re about and you could be our next featured creator! Use the subject “what do they do”.