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MGR Gaming Updates


These updates are something that will be occurring regularly as we roll features out.

With our first giveaway going live, we uploaded the competition rules to our website as well, for legal purposes and such. Nothing too serious, just the basics that covers MGR Gaming and the audience themselves. Our MGR Gaming updates will be fairly regular until our site is up to standard for our community.

With this upload came some of our other legal documents as well. These can all be found in our footer on the website.

The Documents you will find:

Each document contains the link to its direct page for your viewing; you might see that there are terms, or regulations present for features that we are currently not entertaining…yet. That is right there are some big updates that we are working on.

More information on these will be made available when they are nearing launch times.

Updates Edit: We are now about three-quarters way through 2022 and there has been alot going on. MGR Gaming has made quite a few changes and sorted out a few speed bumps and we are now officially well on our way to reaching our potential and goals. We thank those of you who have stuck by us and those are are newly joining our journey.