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Play This Cute Tower Defense Game’s Demo To See Green Army Men Battling Evil Robots

Play This Cute Tower Defense Game's Demo To See Green Army Men Battling Evil Robots

For the genre, the visuals and design are unquestionably superior

Toy Shire, a recently released tower defense game, offers a refreshing twist on the genre by immersing players in a child’s imagination. In this game, you control a kid whose toys come to life and engage in epic battles. The demo, now available, features three levels where you lead your green army men in combat against waves of robots, dinosaurs, and other adversaries vying for supremacy in the toy world.

Toy Shire gameplay has a similar feel to the Toy Story franchise.

Equipped with guns, cannons, and mortar towers, as well as RTS-style troops armed with rifles, grenades, and machine guns, you must strategically defend tower defense lanes marked by wooden blocks and LEGO-style bricks. What sets Toy Shire apart is its stunning visuals and unique perspective, offering a nostalgic look at childhood playtime. Players experience the action from the viewpoint of a child, dropping new units and towers by hand onto the battlefield. This interactive mechanic not only adds depth to gameplay but also provides a dynamic camera perspective, bringing players closer to the action than ever before.

While the demo may be short, it offers a satisfying glimpse into the diverse speeds and abilities of the robotic enemies. The final level’s unexpected challenge adds excitement and hints at a promising game that doesn’t hold back. However, I found the RTS-style troops somewhat lacking in durability compared to investing resources in permanent tower upgrades.

Alongside the Toy Shire main page on Steam, there is a free demo of Toy Shire: Room One available. Toy Shire is scheduled for release in April or June of 2024. It is being developed by Bluespy Studios and marketed by Catropic Games.

Official Demo Trailer for Toy Shire: