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Rainbow Six Siege Cross Play Announced For PS5 And Xbox X Series


South Africans have really embraced Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege Six especially after receiving local servers recently making playing online so much simpler for us. Now we are also being graced with a very likely possibility of Rainbow Six Siege cross play.

According to Windows Central, Ubisoft is currently prepping the game for the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch later this year. Unfortunately, they can’t confirm a release date due to the new hardware street date’s being unknown at this point.

The developers however are apparently working very hard towards a launch day for these two next-gen consoles.

Leroy Athanassof has revealed that Ubisoft has hundreds of employees hard at work gearing up for the new systems. Ubisoft is also working hard to make sure the gaming community does not suffer any fragmentation by enabling cross-generation multiplayer at the launch.

Meaning if you are a PS5 user you can battle against and with PS4 users, same goes for Xbox users.

As for Rainbow Six Siege cross play between PS5 and Xbox Series X, Ubisoft is in discussion with Sony and Microsoft in regards to the feature, this doesn’t look promising however.

So, for Rainbow Six Siege users this means that by the time the Xbox Series X and PS5 launches you will simply be able to move across to the new hardware and play on it like nothing ever happened.