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The Director Of BioWare Shares And Quickly Deletes A Dragon Age Dreadwolf Post


“Deleted my post about Dreadwolf because I realized it might be too teasery”

Following yesterday’s announcement of the new Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, BioWare director Michael Gamble shared and quickly deleted a post for revealing too much about the upcoming game.

On December 4, aka Dragon Age Day, BioWare marked the occasion by finally revealing details about its upcoming RPG. We finally got a new Dragon Age Dreadwolf teaser, which gave us a good look at Thedas, promised locations we’d “never heard of before,” and revealed we’d get a more in-depth reveal in ‘Summer 2024,’ which is exciting.

In the midst of the excitement, Gamble posted something on Twitter but quickly deleted it. “Deleted my post about Dreadwolf because I realized it might be too teasery,” the developer explained in a subsequent tweet.

The only problem is that Gamble was so quick to hit the delete button that few Dragon Age fans saw the original post. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any trace of the original tweet, which is quite impressive given how easy it is to screenshot things.

A collection of images from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

“SCREENSHOTS!!!!! I NEED SCREENSHOTS!!!!!!” one Twitter user has responded to Gamble’s tweet. “It’s all good. You can make it up to us by posting about the next Mass Effect game! We’ll call it even,” another has suggested, though there’s little chance of this happening given that we just got a new Mass Effect 5 teaser trailer for N7 Day last month. There are also a few people who claim to have seen it but then go silent when asked to describe what they saw, which appears suspicious.

For the time being, we’ll have to hope that someone (primarily Gamble) shares the post again or wait until the summer 2024 window for more information.