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The Day Before Is Now Officially One Of The Lowest-Rated Steam Games Of All Time


The Previous Day According to Steam reviews, the zombie shooter is now in the bottom ten games of all time

The Day Before Steam reviews are scathing and blunt, enough to drop the Fntastic zombie game – billed as an MMO but playing more like an extraction shooter, to Valve’s all-time bottom ten. Fntastic’s proposed sandbox survival sim now has an ‘overwhelmingly negative’ rating after launching into early access on Thursday, December 7, following a lengthy hype period that catapulted The Day Before to number two on the Steam wishlist chart.

Players criticize everything from inaccessible servers, buggy maps, a lack of other players and enemies, and a broken inventory system. The Day Before Discord server had previously been locked down due to a flood of bug reports and feedback. Fntastic has released a new statement in which they describe the early access release as “quite challenging.”

The Day Before was originally pitched as an MMO in which players would cooperate – or compete – to navigate an apocalyptic world inhabited by zombies, but it actually functions more like an extraction shooter, in which you enter a restricted environment, obtain whatever you can, and then return to a hub world. Glitches, server issues, and a significant disparity between the quality of the early access version and what was shown in trailers have catalyzed a large number of negative user reviews, plunging the zombie game into the depths of Steam’s catalogue.

As of this writing, The Day Before is ranked 75,685th out of 75,694 games rated on Steam (according to Steam DB), putting it in the bottom ten of all time. This comes less than 24 hours after the game went into early access. So far, 8,532 of the 10,207 Steam user reviews have been negative. Nonetheless, two high-profile triple-A releases rank lower on the Steam chart: NBA 2K24 and Overwatch 2. Both have lower Steam ratings than The Day Before.

Fntastic has released the game’s first patch, along with a statement, after locking down the official Discord and removing footage and trailers from its YouTube channel.

“What can I say, EA’s [early access’s] release was quite challenging, Fntastic developer ‘Lilusoi’ says. “We realized that there are still a lot of things to work on and improve. Now the team is working on a patch that will fix dupes, critical crashes, problems with stash (missing items), and low number of zombies.”

“All other bugs are also being thoroughly checked by us and are still in the process of being fixed and developed. In return, I would like to say that we appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism. In the future, we have global plans to improve the game, so your opinion is very important to us.”

Since then, Fntastic has released the first The Day Before patch.