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The Infamous “Florida Joker” Responds To The GTA 6 Trailer


A mugshot of the ‘Joker’ first went viral in 2017

A man who believes the GTA 6 trailer mocked him has addressed the similarities between himself and an in-game character.

A man with face tattoos can be seen in a police broadcast at one point in the GTA 6 trailer, implying he’s been arrested. Some X users mistook this for a parody of Lawrence Sullivan, a man who gained national attention for his mugshot in 2017 and was dubbed the “Florida Joker” due to his extensive facial tattoos and green hair.

Sullivan has now responded to speculation that the GTA 6 trailer is a parody of him. “You might’ve seen that character in GTA 6 in the trailer today, you know they got that character with the face tattoos,” Sullivan says in the TikTok below, before adding, “GTA, we gotta talk.”

The plot will, however, be familiar to GTA 5 fans. Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar in 2014, claiming an invasion of privacy and that her likeness was used for a character in GTA 5. A New York court dismissed her case in 2018, ruling that the character in question was simply a “generic young woman.”

In terms of the upcoming game, a Rockstar co-founder has stated that GTA 6 will “push the boundaries of what’s possible” in open-world games. GTA 6 is currently scheduled to release in 2025 and has only been confirmed for next-generation consoles, not PC, as with GTA 4 and GTA 5.